A Fiesta of Literacy & Culture. September 15 – October 15

September 22, 2020

Author Discussions

Carlos Andrés Gómez

September 16 @ 7 pm

September 26 @ 1 pm

October 13 @ 4 pm

Join award winning Colombian American poet, speaker, actor, and author Carlos Andrés Gómez for a series of discussions. https://bit.ly/2GNtu3k

Children’s Programs

Fiesta With Flor

October 1 @ 11 am

October 10 @ 2 pm

A bi-cultural musical celebration! Kids and families will join in the fun as they learn about diferent Latin American musical genres through dance, storytelling and songs. https://bit.ly/32oSSoe

Being Bilingual Rocks

October 6 @ 2 pm

October 8 @ 10 am

Join Alina Celeste and Mi Amigo Hamlet for a musical celebration in 2 languages. This interactive show incorporates original and folk tunes in Spanish and English, with music spanning many genres. https://bit.ly/3mhgu6p

Community Conversation

Delaware Hispanic Commission

October 7 @ 7 pm

Join Charito Calvachi-Mateyko with the Delaware Hispanic Commission for a discussion of history and culture. https://bit.ly/2Rn0Rfr

Dance Programs

Traditional Peruvian Dance

October 3 @ 11 am

Watch the New Generation Power perform traditional Peruvian dances that correspond to the county’s diferent regions; Andes Mountains, Amazon Rain forest, and the Coast. facebook.com/ncclibraries/

Folklórico San José

October 9 @ 6 pm

Folklórico San José will present 6 couples dancing the music of 3 states from Mexico. https://bit.ly/35wC2Wq

Food Programs

Tequila Real

September 21 and 28 @ 7 pm

October 5 @ 7 pm

Restaurant Tequila Real provides three cooking demonstrations on healthy cultural foods. facebook.com/MiltonPublic LibraryDelaware/

Delicious Desserts

October 12 @ 7 pm

Learn how to cook a vegan oven baked Churro. facebook.com/MiltonPublic LibraryDelaware/

Music Programs


September 23 @ 5 pm

A Latin American Music trio impassioned by the sweet notes of the Zampoñas pan pipes, the joyful chords of the Charango small guitar, and the vibrant rhythms of the Bombo Argentinian drum. facebook.com/ncclibraries/

Carlos Erazo

October 2 @ 6:30 pm

Carlos Erazo, born in Ecuador and steeped in the music of the Andes, will charm listeners with a variety of instruments. facebook.com/DoverLibrary/

Mariachi Mexico

October 15 @ 6 pm

Join the Northwest’s premiere Mexican cultural musicians from Albuquerque New Mexico, for an exciting music and multicultural experience.




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