Arsht-Cannon Fund Awards $554,050 to Latino-Serving Partners Statewide

July 21, 2021

The Arsht-Cannon Fund (ACF) at the Delaware Community Foundation has awarded $554,050 in 2021-22 grants to support 30 nonprofit programs that improve the lives of Latinos – and all Delawareans.

With the ACF mission to provide educational opportunities to Hispanic Delawareans, grants were given to support lifelong language and literacy learning ($70,000); pre-K through career/college preparation ($150,000); arts and cultural education ($27,450); health education ($74,600); educational advocacy ($72,000) and community collaborative programs ($160,000).

“Despite the multiple challenges and hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, Delaware’s nonprofits are coming out of the last 18 months with a better understanding of the Latino youth and adults they strive to support and of the strategies needed to extend their reach and ultimate success,” stated Dr. Christine Cannon, Executive Director, ACF.

First-time ACF Planning Grants were given to 16 nonprofits to develop and pilot strategies that will expand program access to Latino children and families throughout Delaware. These grants support nonprofits focused on integrating culturally and linguistically relevant approaches within their successful education-based programs. Funding supports team planning and, often, the hiring of bilingual staff. The outcomes – the lives of more Latinos are changed forever.

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Network – $4000 for eight La Colectiva de Delaware programs transitioning during COVID-19
  • Read Aloud Delaware – $25,000 for bilingual Lena Start programs
  • Choir School of Wilmington – $15,000 for the afterschool program
  • Christiana Care’s Gene Editing Institute – $20,000 for Seeds for STEM high school program
  • Delaware College Scholars –$25,000 to recruit Latino students from Kent and Sussex Counties
  • Delaware Shakespeare – $15,000 for statewide community tours of “A Bilingual Twelfth Night”
  • Supporting KIDDS – $35,000 for its Delaware Latino Community Grief Support pilot expansion to Sussex County
  • Hispanic American Association of Delaware – $17,600 for Amigas Activas y Saludables program in New Castle County
  • ACLU of DE – $6,000 for promotion/availability in English of “Entre Nosotr@s” radio program

Ongoing and Successful ACF Program Grants (intermittently funded within the last few years) continue to maintain and expand a variety of education-based programs (language, literacy, kindergarten through college readiness, arts, advocacy, and family support and navigation). Funding maintains consistent program quality, growth and impact by supporting bilingual staffing and needed resources. These grants include:

  • Literacy Delaware – $15,500 for its ESL Program and tutor training in southern Delaware
  • Reading Assist Institute – $25,000 for Reading Assist Intervention Program at Las Americas ASPIRA Academy and Sussex Montessori
  • Rodel Foundation of Delaware – $25,000 for Delaware Readiness Teams’ Latino community engagement
  • TeenSHARP – $40,000 for the Striver Program for Latino students in New Castle County
  • The Delaware Contemporary – $6,000 for Building a Creative Future: Creatives 2 Initiative’s Latino arts career scholarship program
  • Rodel Foundation of Delaware – $41,000 for Advancing Education Funding Equity for English Learners program
  • Delaware Campaign for Achievement Now – $25,000 for Juntos Delaware
  • First State Community Action Agency – $71,400 (given in early 2021) to the Sussex County Relief Program
  • La Esperanza Community Center – $65,000 for the Resource Navigation and Family Coaching Program
  • Latino Partnership Grants support critically-important programs that have adapted with the needs and growth of Delaware’s immigrant families over the last 7-10 years. The Arsht-Cannon Fund has consistently supported these partners:
  • Polytech Adult Education – $25,393 for the Family Literacy Program in Kent County
  • National Alliance for Mental Illness – Delaware – $22,000 for the Hispanic Services Initiative
  • Friends of the Milton Public Library, the Dover Public Library and the Route 9 Library and Innovation Center – $6,450 to plan and provide the annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations


Source: Delaware Community Foundation