Chris Cannon and the Arsht Cannon Fund got a shout out on facebook

December 8, 2020

From Facebook:


We celebrated #GratitudeTuesday and now we’ve made it #GratitudeWeek at Teensharp

The next funder shout out goes to Christine Swanson Cannon and the Arsht Cannon Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation

The fund focuses on increasing educational opportunities and access to healthcare for Hispanic Delawareans.

It was always TeenSHARP’s mission to prepare Black and Latino students to attend and thrive at top colleges.
But before Arsht Cannon Fund’s first $54,000 gift in 2017, we had relatively few Latino students and we did not have much capacity to deliver our services in English and Spanish.
With their first investment and subsequent gifts TeenSHARP has been able to dramatically increase the number of Latino students we serve.

Beyond the numbers, this means helping students like

William Garcia (now at University of Chicago),
Valentina Maza (now at College of the Holy Cross),
Alex (now at Pitzer College),
Tatiana Saravia
and Marco (now at University of Delaware), and Guadalupe (who’s headed to Princeton).
We’ve also been able to increase our presence in Sussex County, Delaware and offer a wide range of programs and services in Spanish.
And we’ve built unique expertise in helping undocumented students to access top colleges in spite of the unique obstacles they face.
We have so much more growing to do but the Arsht Cannon Fund has made a major impact on TeenSHARP and the communities we serve!


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