Envisioning an empowered, trusting and connected latino community

October 29, 2019



La Colectiva inspires, advances and facilitates the development of sustainable collaborative approaches to improve the lives of Latino youth and families in Sussex County.



After extensive research, the collaborative identified specific needs in the following areas:

1. family literacy, 2. resource navigation, 3. high-quality youth programs for middle-school youth, and

4. college, career and employment preparation.

We believe that complex social issues are best addressed by:

  • Partners committed to learning and working in a cooperative spirit
  • Active participation of various segments of our Latino community
  • Grassroots solutions that benefit all collaborating partners



La Colectiva fosters trust, engagement and social impact by uniting individuals and organizations in three ways:

1. La Colectiva Network (nonprofit providers, school and community leaders and Latino community members convene three to four times annually) provides educational “capacity-building” programs, networking opportunities and program updates. Additional monthly program updates, best practices, and related announcements are shared by email.

2. Collaborative Planning Teams (groups of network members representing organizations focused on developing needed programs with collective social impact) receive support in their program development by the La Colectiva Community Engagement Coordinator and the expertise of the La Colectiva Backbone Committee. Limited funding to facilitate pilot testing is available. The Backbone Committee reviews funding proposals for completed pilots, contributing to a strong

foundation for full implementation.

3. Community Leadership Groups (Latino youth, parents, professionals and others) support the growth of select initiatives – particularly those that contribute to collaborative planning, program participation and leadership among Latino youth and their parents.


La Colectiva de Delaware is currently funded by the Arsht-Cannon Fund and the Matt Haley Trust.