Guadalupe finds out if she got into her dream school!

December 8, 2020

From Facebook:

Guadalupe (Newark High School, Christina School District) is going to Princeton on a full scholarship!

In one of her essays she wrote…

“Joining TeenSHARP, an organization that focuses on helping students get a higher education at a low cost, I learned that what I thought wasn’t attainable, in reality is. Within my family, we believed that we would have to take an impossible loan if I wanted to study at my local university. However, TeenSHARP was the North star in the pitch dark sky. Through TeenSHARP, I’ve been able to educate my peers and relatives about the opportunities available, guiding them through their educational career. Knowing that there are other students who have the same mindset I had, pushes me to want to reach out and shepherd them.”


Facebook Post: