New English Learners in Delaware Fact Sheets Released

June 27, 2018
In 2017, the Delaware Hispanic Commission, the Arsht-Cannon Fund, Delaware English Language Learners Teachers and Advocates, and the Rodel Foundation of Delawareset out to better understand the English learner population in Delaware.

Their efforts resulted in a fact sheet series that aims to raise overall knowledge of this population of students, while also drawing attention to the urgent need for Delaware to update its public school funding system, which puts EL students at a unique disadvantage. The partners recently released the latest additions to the English Learner Fact Sheet series.

Fact Sheet #2:
The Life Of English Learner Students In Delaware

Fact Sheet #3:
Grade Book: How Is Delaware’s Education System Serving English Learners?

Through a mix of state data, national data, and local quotes, these fact sheets explain what the life of an English learner student looks like in Delaware, and the systemic challenges they face. Now that another school year is in the rearview mirror, it’s a fitting time to reflect how we are collectively serving this population of students. 
View The First English Learner In Delaware Fact Sheet Here
ELs in Delaware by the Numbers
  • Federal law requires that (1) Schools must accept and educate all students — immigrants and native-born – and (2) EL students must be taught English and also grade-level academic content.
  • EL students who comprehend no English will only receive 2-3 hours a week of English language instruction time if districts and charters follow the minimum state recommendation.
  • 20% of Delaware ELs are not in a program to learn English.They receive No English language instruction beyond what is provided to native English speakers.
  • 25% of all EL students do not have access to a certified EL teacher. The remaining 75% of ELs have an of average ratio of 1:38 certified teachers to EL students.
  • Delaware is suffering from a 14-year EL teacher shortage (and counting) according to the U.S. Department of Education nationwide listing of teacher shortage areas.
  • Districts and charters are expected to use state and local funds to meet their civil rights obligations to EL and immigrant students, yet Delaware is 1 of 4 states that provides zero state education funding per English learner student.
  • Federal EL funding, which can only be used for supplemental activities, if allocated evenly would be about $100/student—the cost of a textbook or a couple of hours of tutoring.
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