Tyler’s Camp Brings Opportunities for Latino Youth in Sussex County

June 11, 2018

GEORGETOWN, Del.-  It’s a place where the joy of summer vacation and education come together.

“Tyler’s Camp is so near and dear to our hearts because it is everything that we know that uplifts and lights kids up about who they are and what is possible,” said Catherine Lindroth, president and CEO of the Summer Learning Collaborative.

Tyler’s Camp began three years ago by a group of students at a Wilmington high school.

The students approached Catherine Lindroth and asked if her organization could help create a summer program for teenagers and thus, Tyler’s Camp was born.

With the help of the Arsht Cannon Fund and the Longwood Foundation, the program spread to Sussex County.

“A lot of community members got together and said we really need more opportunities for Latino youth and really all youth in Sussex County,” said Lindroth. “They were saying middle school is a void and so Arsht Cannon stepped up and said, ‘You know we are going to fund this camp, and Sussex Academy stepped up and said they’d host it there for free.”

In order to create a diverse environment, the camp does actively try to engage Hispanic families. 

“It’s completely free to about 50 Latino children in this community,” Lindroth said. “We are also accepting about 60 students at a rate of $165 a week. That is completely under the market rate for what it typically costs, so we are trying to build a mixed environment. We’ll also welcome about 60 students from the Boys and Girls Club completely for free.” 

Sara Schultz, director of programming at “La Esperanza,” a community center in Georgetown that serves the Hispanic community, says this camp makes all the difference for these families. 

“I believe it’s just a huge, huge opportunity for kids who do not have the opportunity to go to summer camp, transportation,” Schultz said. “Usually with us being so rural and spread out is always an issue so, you know, Tyler’s Camp provides transportation and brings a bunch of kids together in one location to get to experience a variety fo different activities.”

Those activities include dance, coding, soccer, swimming, theater, and much more. 

The camp will run Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. starting June 25, and end on July 20. Signing up is easy.

“You just have to go to “La Esperanza,” reach out – call – and ask about Tyler’s Camp and they will walk you through the application process.

To contact “La Esperanza”  you can call (302) 854-9262, or email the organization at [email protected]


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